Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yesterday was Day 10

Like I said in the title, yesterday was day 10 - we're up to double digits now baby, woo hoo!  Luckily it didn't rain, and we were able to run/walk at the Baldwin Whitehall track.  It was a bit awkward though because they were having track & field practice.  Huh?!? Yup, track & field practice.  I suppose they're trying to get a head start on next school year, months before the other schools even think about the season.  Luckily they were only running sprints for part of the time we were running, and we were able to go around them on the inside of the track.  At one point, probably during around the 4th rep, my calves started killing me!  Seriously, I think that if they could have disconnected themselves from my legs they would have strangled me.  Since that is not physically possible (I don't think anyways), their choice of torture was just to hurt - a lot.  I still have that slight twinge in my left knee, and this morning I woke up with a pain in my heel.  The heel pain concerns me more than the knee pain - maybe I've been reading too many articles about running, but Plantar Fasciitis has me concerned.  I'm going to go shoe shopping today so hopefully getting new shoes will help shop the pain before it develops into anything horribly wretched.

This morning Alyssa texted me to inform me of the Brentwood 5k on July 3rd - to this I replied "Hell no.  Too soon, too soon."  Ok maybe I didn't say that exactly, but you get the gist.

Tonight we're going to Amazing Yoga - I haven't been in a few months, but it should be fine.  They won't need to turn the heat up too much, it's been in the 80's for a while now, and since they aim to have the studio at 90 degrees that won't be too big of a change.  We're going to the one on the SouthSide which is nice, but if you get there late than you're stuck having a spot close to the window, and the problem with that is all of Carson Street can see you workout if they are inclined to just look up.  And let me just say, that after 30 minutes of doing yoga in 90 degrees, I look far from pretty, so as far away from the windows as possible is ideal.


  1. I decided today from here on out I am going to refer to you as RB, my "Running Buddy". :o)

    Sorry to hear RB is hurting! I am strongly in favor of good shoes! I on the other hand, am happy to report that I am not in pain, other than the general all over dull ache I am getting used to.

    PS: please tell me these yoga windows are on the 2nd floor like in Shadyside??


  2. Yes, they are on the 2nd floor. I don't remember Shadyside, but these ones are floor to ceiling - a bit daunting.