Monday, June 21, 2010

New Countdown and a Not Well Thought Out Plan...

New Countdown

First things first, did you notice the new countdown?  At the request of Alyssa, I have posted a countdown for our first real race.  The race is a 5K which benefits the Luke Hadley Foundation.  Alyssa has dubbed it the Sock Monkey Race due to their logo being a sock monkey.

If you're not familiar with the Luke Hadley Foundation, you should check out their website, Luke's story totally made me cry (but then again, I cry easily).  Luke Hadley was born premature with a rare chromosome disorder, he died at the age of 2 and his parents started the foundation in his name as a way to raise money to be able to bring smiles to other disabled children.  They work closely with the Children's Home of Pittsburgh and the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.  They help arrange field trips for the kids, bring in visitors, and one of my favorite things is they made art carts for Children's Hospital.  The art carts are able to go to kids who can't leave their rooms, and they're fully stocked with crayons and paper and markers and paint and even scrapbooking supplies for the older kids!

Back to the race: it's a 5K (3 miles) run/walk (we're going to run it since we're scheduled to run 5 miles that day - we'll have to do the other 2 at some other point that day too) at South Park on September 4th (Andrea is planning on joining us for this race too).  It's very exciting because this will be our first officially timed race, they're doing the chipped timing.

Not a Well Thought Out Plan

During lunch I had what I thought was a brilliant idea - since my hamstrings were so tight, maybe a nice long walk is just what they need to loosen up a bit.

It wasn't.

I walked over to the North Shore via the Andy Warhol Bridge and back via the Rachel Carson Bridge.  It was ridiculously hot, and I realized my pants are much more winter pants than summer pants.  Walking 2 miles on a tight hamstring in the sun on a really hot day is probably not the best move in the world.  Oh well, you live, you learn - right?

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