Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 5 - a recap

Well yesterday was Day 5 - after getting stuck in horrendous Baldwin-Whitehall graduation traffic, I picked up Alyssa and we headed for the Brentwood track.  The parking for the track is located up above it and the track itself is down in a little valley.  Since neither of us had been there before we were unsure of how to get down to the track, and the first way we went took us up to some baseball fields but not to the track, so we considered that walk our warm-up and turning around we began our first minute of running.  I took off like a shot (relatively speaking - my shot more resembling that of a slug) and only after Alyssa yelled at me and told me to slow down did I realize I was perhaps starting too fast.  Jogging along, we discovered a path towards the track that went down along by the pool.  The walk time was filled with descending through the bleachers to the track and halfway around the track.  It was in the third minute running that we really discovered we were running too fast - if we had been able to keep up that pace we would have been running an 8 minute mile!  That's almost 1/2 the time we were aiming for (for the race you have to keep up a 16 minute mile to make the 3.5 hour cutoff) - way too fast. 

I need to work on my playlist - far too much slow music on there.  I need something with more of a beat, and as much as I like She & Him, they just aren't really good for running to.  I have Mamma Mia! on my ipod, so I'll cue that up to run to on Saturday (which will be 4 reps of run 2 minutes/ walk 3 minutes).  The issue with music is A) my 160gb ipod is dead - it won't charge, B) my other ipod is only a 1gb shuffle, and C) my laptop's hard drive fried and so I lost all the music that was on there and I don't have itunes on my desktop.  Eventually when I get a new hard drive for my laptop and I get itunes back and I am able to download/ upload some music, I'll have a better playlist.

I discovered yesterday that it is also much easier to run with a buddy, after having run/walk by myself on Tuesday it made a world of difference having someone to talk to.  Another thing that was better yesterday than Tuesday was running (I use the term loosely) in the evening.  After being in the scorching midday sun on Tuesday the early evening was soooooo much nicer.  As for a soreness report today there really isn't one.  Alyssa's knee was hurting a touch yesterday, mine was hurting a tad today, but no quad, groin, glute pain like after Tuesday.  I believe this is because Alyssa is a self-described "stretch-aholic".  We stretched for ages after the run, which is what I needed I suppose.

On the agenda for tonight - Day 6:

For me:
a 30 minute video - Core Rhythms: Getting Started
I bought these videos from Target after seeing an infomercial about them ages ago, but have actually never used them.  It is a 4 disc set: Getting Started (30min), Full Workout (45min), Quick Workout (20min), and Latin Dance (?min).  They're taught by 2 crazy perky ballroom dancer ladies, and pretty much it's supposed to work your core (thus the title) through different dance moves - we'll see how this goes. 

For Alyssa:
a 30 minute video - Turbo Jam
This is part of the series we worked out to on Sunday, its a combo dance/ abs/ martial arts type workout, taught by a very perky blonde lady.  After seeing the behind the scenes footage though, it's hard to hate her for being perky.

A quick shout out to Manda for all the support - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! I totally appreciate it!!!

Wish me luck tonight!

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  1. I do what I can :-)
    I like the 10 minute solution workout DVDs. There are five workouts that are 10 minutes long and you can program them to play in whatever order you like. Or just do one or two if that's all you have time for. So it doesn't get super monotonous and you can work arms one day and legs the next or whatever. Kickbox bootcamp is my favorite.
    They have them at Target