Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 5

So nothing has happened yet on Day 5. 

Ok, so I guess I have been to work, which involves walking across the bridge to get to, so that's something.  And at lunch Jonnie and I walked to Market Square to check out the farmer's market.  I think if I'm going to want to buy anything good at the farmer's markets downtown I'm going to have to take lunch earlier than 1 o'clock!  Well, I bought sweet potato gnocchi which I'm pretty excited about, I do like it so.  Unfortunately being in Market Square also meant I was in close proximity to yummy (read - fattening) restaurants, and we went to Moe's for burritos for lunch.  At least I only at 1/2 of mine, which leaves 1/2 for dinner tonight, which means the chicken I have defrosting will have to be for tomorrow - oh well. 

And I may or may not have bought a piece of baklava.  Which I may or may not eat in about 1 minute.  Don't hate me, I love sweets!

As for training - Alyssa and I are going to the track tonight.  1 minute running, 4 minutes walking, repeated 5 times, hopefully it won't be too bad.  My goal for tonight is to stretch better than last time, so hopefully I won't hurt as bad. 

Speaking of hurting, around 4 pm yesterday, I discovered that I really should stretch my groin - OUCH!  Who knew?  I never assumed running for only 4 minutes total could hurt so much.  What the heck have I gotten myself into?!?  21 weeks and 2 days until race day.

I'm almost done with The NonRunner's Marathon Guide for Women - Get Off Your Butt and on With Your Training, and Alyssa and I have already dubbed it our running bible.  Dawn Dais is hilarious!  I have busted out laughing so many times while reading it, I feel that her sarcasm will help us survive this thing.

Wish me luck tonight!

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  1. Good luck! It'll start getting easier and then you'll be like, why was I such a wimp before?
    If it makes you feel better there's three months before Kaida's born and then she'll be 2 months old before your race. That's AGES! Plenty of time.