Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Night

Last night I think I was in hell - seriously - it was hot enough!  Alyssa and I went to Amazing Yoga.  Now when you think of yoga, don't you think of nice and relaxing poses - possibly by a cabana on the beach at some relaxing spa somewhere?  Not Amazing Yoga - there it's 90+ degrees, in a crowded room where you're about a foot away from the person next to you, on the 2nd floor of a building on Carson Street.  And for those not familiar with Carson Street it's where a lot of bars are located - so it's busy, crowded and noisy.  I especially liked the revving of motorcycles while we were trying to focus on our breathing.

Anyway the instructor - Michelle - was really nice, but she totally kicks your butt.  The class lasted over an hour, and I think you spend about 1/4 of the time in downward dog.  It's not that bad of a pose, but when you're sweating buckets, I find that my hands and feet like to slip and the sweat just pools on the mat below you.  By the end of the class I was soaked through with sweat and my mat resembled a slip'n'slide.  It's sad when you go outside into 80 degree heat and it feels refreshing and cool.  Leaving class, as we walked past the bar next door to the studio, I overheard the bouncer trying to explain to a couple of guys about 'hot yoga', they didn't really seem to be getting the point.  Although I can understand their initial confusion, we (the class as a whole) must look like quite the motley crew after a class, soaking wet with pained expressions on our faces. 

Afterwards Alyssa and I went to Giant Eagle, with a pit stop by my house to change shirts, and as my body cooled down my wet clothes became more and more uncomfortable.  Yes I had changed my shirt, but I still had on the pants and sports bra I wore to class.  And let me tell you there is not too much pleasant about cold clammy boobs.  Especially when walking through an air conditioned grocery store.  Note to self - after next class before going out again, change out of sports bra too.

Soreness report:
Me:  Still having problems with that one knee.  I iced it last night, which seemed to help some.  And by icing it, I mean I put a freezy pop on it while I ate my 1/2 of a wrap for dinner.  I then ate the freezy pop - it was awesome.

Alyssa:  Sore in general, in particular her shoulders.  She doesn't want to do yoga again, but I told her we only have 7 more yoga sessions, but 72 more running sessions, so yoga shouldn't seem too bad.  To this she said she would prefer running.  Haha.

This morning when I was putting in some laundry I saw my shirt from last night lying on the floor and when I went to move it into the laundry hamper, it was still soaking wet.... gross....


  1. But didn't you feel all fantastic and super bendy from the deep breathing and the heat?! That's why I like hot yoga.
    The first time I went I ended up putting the t-shirt I wore over my clothes under my hands to stop the slip and slide effect. They sell special yoga mat towels too. But I think a regular towel does the job.
    When I'm not pregnant and am allowed to get hot again we should do some hot yoga. Assuming you haven't sworn it off completely by then.

  2. I think the best description of how I felt would be "jello." I brought a small towel, but that was soaked through within minutes, so next time I'll be bringing a full size towel.

    Hopefully I won't have sworn it off by then and it'll actually be better, but only time can tell.

  3. What I have discovered with shirts that are that sweaty, if you don't put them in the laundry immediately you should drape them over a chair or something to air out. Otherwise it's the sopping mess you are talking about.
    And let me tell you it is not pleasant to encounter one of those shirts at the bottom of the laundry basket or on top of hand wash only items.