Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This morning it was raining, and so I did what any dutiful running buddy would do, I texted Alyssa.  This is how the text conversation went:

Me: "So unfortunately the rain plan is: we run - in the rain :-( "

Alyssa: "I figured as much"

Me: "I know, it stinks, but the race won't be cancelled for a little rain!"

Alyssa: "Yeah and rain ain't so bad in 80 degrees"

Me: "Nope and I don't think either of us will melt ;-) "

Alyssa: "Haha, no I'm probably more like those little sponge animals in capsules... I'll just expand!! LOL"

Remember those things?  They were awesome!  I followed this text up with a little tour antidote about a time when me and another crew member may or may not have bought a few packs of them, and we may or may not have expanded all of them one night, and we may or may not have stuck them to the ceiling, where we may or may not have left them as an interesting surprise for the maids when we checked out.  But this may or may not have happened... I'll never tell ;-)

So hopefully tonight at around 7 pm when Alyssa and I are about to start our run around the Baldwin Whitehall track, please think of us and pray for no rain (fingers crossed).

FYI tonight is run 2 minutes, walk 3 minutes, repeat 5 times

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