Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I did it!

I did it! I ran/walked all by myself :-)

My brain hurts, and I had a stitch in my side, and I thought my lungs might explode during the first minute, and I was sweating in the most unfeminine way, and my feet now smell; but other than that I feel great!

For my warm-up I walked to the Andy Warhol Bridge, it was there I said, "Hello Bridge, how are you today? You better watch out, 'cause I'm gonna run across you!"

My first minute of running consisted of me making it halfway across the bridge all the time thinking to myself, "I should be at my desk, surfing the internet, eating a cupcake, but noooo, I'm here running, WTF?!?!"

4 minutes of walking took me down to the Riverfront Trail, the next minute of running took me to under the Roberto Clemente Bridge. Bridges are good points to aim for I've found, they're big and hard to miss. 4 more minutes of walking took me past the kayak-ers (which I totally want to do on a Sunday - hint, hint Alyssa - good cross training!) and a whole bunch of kids fishing.

The next minute running took me to the next bridge - Fort Duquesne maybe? It was there I turned around and headed back. 4 minutes of walking, then my last minute of running to the Roberto Clemente Bridge. I then walked back the way I came - across the Andy Warhol Bridge and through town, back to work.

By the time I made it back to work, my headache had developed and my legs were tingly - ah, such is life. Tomorrow is a rest day, and then it's the same as today for Thursday, just with one more rep of run 1 minute walk 4 minutes.

Side note - that meany Alyssa texted me a picture of a cookie while I was running. She's so mean, how I hate her, haha... I kid, I kid. I'll just send her a picture of a cupcake while she's running tonight!


  1. (sticking out tongue)
    :oP* (smirking in satisfaction)

    BTW, I only nibbled 1/4 of that cookie and am sick to my stomach!HAPPY?! LOL...

  2. Ok, Ok, no picture of a cupcake shall be sent to you.

    (not tonight, anyways! Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha Ha - my best attempt at an evil laugh)