Monday, June 7, 2010

And so it begins...

Alyssa and I began our 22 weeks of training yesterday with 35 minutes of cardio/ab work. I felt fine at the time, but this morning I feel as if I were hit by a mack truck! Today is a rest day, and tomorrow we begin walking/running. Following our workout we did our before photos - needless to say those will not be posted on this website (except maybe of course at the end if the transformation is noticeable enough).

I got Leap Year from Netflix on Saturday, I am slightly (but only slightly) ashamed to say I have now seen it 4 times - since Saturday! It is such a cheesy movie, and yet I like it alot! I think I like it because the Irish guy in it does not like Dublin at all - which was my feelings exactly when I was there last year. Granted he felt that way because a back-stabbing b**** of an ex lived there, I felt that way merely because it was the end of my trip, I didn't want to go home, and I had fallen head-over-heels in love with the highlands of Scotland and so anything that followed would be dull in comparison. Or another reason I may like it so much is because I think the Irish (although technically in real life he's British) guy in it is HOT! What can I say, I like tall scrawny scruffy guys with killer accents - so if you know of any, send them my way.

And so it goes... I feel I may watch Leap Year again this evening while I clean my house, and then maybe I'll be able to seal it in its envelope and send it on its way. Fingers crossed. Just don't judge me if I can't!

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