Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Those Wascally Wabbits!

Something ate my zucchini plant!!! Ok, it ate the top leaves off my zucchini plant, but still!

What the heck?!?  Any idea what could have eaten it?  I know it's not deer, there's none in my neighborhood and even if there were, there would be no way for them to get in my yard.  I've seen a groundhog in my neighbor's yard before, and other than that just some stray cats.  It's just strange that it was only the top leaves that got eaten, and that whatever it was didn't eat the melon plants or the cucumbers or the beans or the tomatoes!

When I happened upon this travesty, I rescued the lone zucchini left on the plant (I had already harvested one), and decided to honor the memory of my once mighty zucchini the only way I knew possible.  I did what any health minded individual would do - I sliced it up, coated it in egg and bread crumbs, and deep fried it.  Yum.  I would show you what it looked like, but I ate it before I thought of that.  It was delicious.

Speaking of groundhogs, did I mention I met Punxsutawney Phil? I did.  He came to work in the Phil-mobile.  The Inner Circle came too.  They wore top hats. 

Let's see...

I promised you canning pictures, didn't I?

Here you go, the cucumbers are from my first batch of pickles (I still haven't gotten around to the second batch yet) and the jars are Pineapple - Chinese 5-Spice jam:

Later I'll fill you in on the huge project I'm working on for work.  Until next time...

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