Friday, July 29, 2011

Mi Papa

Like I mentioned earlier, today is my dad's birthday. 
Here are a few reasons he is cool in my book:
  • He grew up in southern California in the '60s  - he lived near the beach and surfed and went to school with kids of well known families.
  • He joined the navy at the end of Vietnam, working on submarines and becoming a "mustang" (an enlisted who works their way up to be an officer - some of the most respected guys in the fleet).
  • He's a leo (like me!).
  • He knows exactly what my dream car is without me having to give him a hint (it's an old school red bug convertible with a white top and white wall tires).
  • We have the same taste in books so gift shopping for him is infinitely easier than it is my mom, I just pick out a book that I'd want to read and get that for him.
  • If I have a military history question, he usually has an answer (I like military history - weird for a girl, I know)
  • He has a basset hound who walks all over him - literally.
  • He's been all over the world, and it took me some time but I have now surpassed him in number of countries visited.
  • and lastly, he's cool 'cause he's my dad!
Happy Birthday Dad!

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