Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cheesy Chard

Dear Cheesy Chard,

You are amazing.  Yet different.  And I probably wouldn't have made you if I didn't have food to use up in my fridge.  But that said, you still are delicious.



As I stood with my refrigerator door wide open debating what to eat for dinner I was faced with bag after bag of leafy greens.  Thus is the plight of belonging to a CSA.  Not that I'm complaining, I love getting fresh veggies, but sometimes there is only so much leafy greens a person can take.  And so there I was faced with numerous options (in addition to a shelf full of cucumbers from my garden - I don't think I'm going to do 3 cucumber plants next year - they are quite overwhelming!) I saw a bit of red peaking out from one of the bags - chard!  And green onions! And garlic! And, what the heck kind of cheese is this?  Olive oil in the pan, onions and garlic sauteed, chard wilted down, and some chunks of cheese thrown on top for good measure, melted down to create a cheesy garlicy oniony earthy concoction that satisfied my hunger - and tasted good too!  Tomorrow - roasted beets - yum.... 

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