Sunday, July 24, 2011


So with the cooler temps outside (87 instead of 94!) I decided today would be a great time to get in some more canning along with some baking.


Yeah, I'm that crazy.  Too bad canning season is when it sweltering outside, I wouldn't mind the extra heat if it was 20 degrees outside!  That said, I've been as busy as a bee today. 

Remember all those cucumbers that I mentioned were hogging up space in my fridge?  These are them:

See that pitcher on the bottom?  It's full of Tang - possibly the most wonderful powdered drink ever.

This is 3 pounds of cukes sliced into spears ready to be made into quick pickles:

And here they are in their current state, 2 quarts of dill pickles:

The rest of the cukes got mixed up with celery, green and red peppers, and onions to make 5 pints of sweet relish:

I discovered though, that my mini prep food processor is a bit too small for a big job like this one was.  It took at least a dozen batches run through to get everything chopped up.  Not cool.

I also made thumbprint cookies filled with Mango Lime Jam... note to self: run jam through food processor first, it was quite a bit chunky for the cookies.

Later tonight I'm going to make Malaysian Pineapple Tarts with the Pineapple Jam I made last week.  The dough is already made and ready to be rolled out, but first I'm waiting for the kitchen to cool down some - it's toasty!

My bestie came over today, we had movie day while working on crafty stuff for a big event I'm planning (more on that another day).  A League of Their Own and What's Up Doc? while eating pizza and ice cream (with Brandied Cherries on top - from a previous canning extravaganza).  It was great fun, but now I'm totally ready for a nap.

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