Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flat Zach in Spain

Sadly this is where the pictures of Flat Zach get sparse... Thinking I was being smart I saved all my pictures to my hard drive only to have my computer crash and me lose more than 1/2 of my Europe pictures... Missing are Flat Zach in: Germany, the Canary Islands, Scotland, North Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and most of Belgium.  Luckily though, Flat Zach in Paris was saved due to my saving it to Snapfish - those will be posted tomorrow.  I suppose also luckily, I will be heading back to Ireland (and hopefully Scotland) next summer, so although it will be a few years late, I can recapture Flat Zach's adventures around the Emerald Isle.

At a Museo del Jamon in Madrid (a chain of purveyors of ham):

At Atocha Station in Madrid (where 3 bombs went off in the 2004 terrorist attack on the capital) (that is a Christmas tree in the mid-ground, if you were wondering, it lit up in green lights at night):

At a bar in Leon, where we celebrated Christmas dinner:

Paris up next!

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