Friday, November 12, 2010


Dear Polaroid Company,

Your new "classic" instant camera is ugly and stupid.  Granted, yes, my old 600 series is ugly too, but not as ugly as the 300 series currently available.  AND you still charge $10 for a 10 pack of film.  If you were to bring back the 600 series instant film, I would pay this outrageous fee. I will not, however, pay the $100 some people are charging for a 10 pack of film just because they stockpiled it when it was discontinued and are now trying to make a buck off of poor saps like me.  I will stand firm!!! And then I will go cry in a corner because I can't afford to use my Polaroid camera anymore. 

I will admit that I am intrigued by the PoGo though, but it's still not the classic!!!  I do realize as well that some Polaroid purists will claim that the 600 is not a classic either, but it is definitely more of a classic than the 300 is!  Stupid 300....


A Disgruntled Customer

Here are a few pics I came across the other day while going through a box of random things looking for something else I never found (boo...)

These were taken my second year on tour with Christmas Carol, they are of (clockwise from bottom left) Kinley, Zach (not to be confused with Zach of Flat Zach fame), and Jason.  For some reason living on a tour bus and owning a Polaroid camera seem to go hand in hand.  

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