Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ouch. Part 1

Oh my goodness, that was possibly one of the most painful 3+ hours of my life. Even with the stomach flu Alyssa kicked my butt finishing about 20 minutes before me. I came in 680th place out of 687 finishers (Alyssa came in 656th). The first half was about what I expected but mile 8 on was torture. That was where I lost Alyssa. My legs and my feet pretty much seized up on me and I could barely walk, let alone run. I caught up with one woman, asked if I could walk with her, was told not to expect a conversation, and so we plodded on in silence for almost 2 miles. We parted ways at the mile 10 water stop and I felt doomed to failure, but somewhere within that mile I caught up with another girl, Nikki, and we stuck together until the end. She, like me, had hit her wall around mile 8. We walked and talked, keeping each other going and when it was time for that final .1 mile we both ran it in like champs!

Part 2 will be up tomorrow covering: weather (nasty), course (horrible), winery (cute) among other things. :o)

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