Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cell Phone

I got my first cell phone 10 years ago.  It was a virtually indestructible Nokia, and believe me I did almost everything to it you could do.  My favorite way of demonstrating its durability was to throw it across an arena - yes I still had the same phone when I began touring.  The phone would split up into pieces (main part, battery, and battery cover), but other than that be unharmed.  It was fabulous.  Following that I got a flip phone; I was not nearly as happy with it as I was with that old Nokia but it got the job done.  I left that phone in a hotel in Calgary (oops), the nice hotel people sent me my SIM card, but I had to get a new phone.  After a brief stint with a pay as you go phone (horrible, horrible, I hated it!), my mom and I went and got matching phones - hers was green and mine was red.  Sancho ate mine.  Literally, he chewed it up into little bits, but at least (again) my SIM card was salvaged.  The next phone I got was a Samsung Blackberry wannabe, within days of having it Sancho decided to test that one out - cracked the screen and screwed up the keyboard (the 'a' always stuck after that). 

"I'm sorry I ate your cell phone momma..."

A couple weeks ago I got an iPhone, and I absolutely love it!!!  Today I left it at home by accident though, and I got to thinking: a) would Ellie try to eat it as Sancho did my previous phones? and b) how has it come to pass that society is so dependent upon these little bits of technology?

Well I won't know the answer to the first question until I get home tonight, and the second question is one a person could expound upon for ages writing essays and dissertations and novels and stories about - all I know is that I feel like I'm missing a part of my entity with it not on my person and that I am ashamed that I feel thus, like it is morally wrong to rely so fully on a bit of metal, plastic and glass.  I'm like an addict without my fix - perhaps it's time for intervention - not just for me, but for all people suffering from cell phone addiction.

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  1. HERE, HERE!
    (pounding desk in favor of intervention)

    Shall I make you a banner in the style of the How I Met Your Mother interventions??