Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When Work Constitutes a Workout

Back in the day, eons ago, in my previous life, I would watch as other people would pretty much get paid for working out.  First when I was desk staff at the gym, and there were all the trainers and instructors and things, and then on tour watching performers dance for their paycheck.  Today I felt like one of them.  Well not entirely, but a little bit.  For about the first 5 hours of the workday, I spent maybe a grand total of 10 minutes at my desk.  First I had to drive to the home of an architect to drop off some files (I got horribly lost and almost ran out of gas), then I walked to PPG, then I walked to the Recorder of Deeds (where I had to play the part of a dumb blonde since I had no clue what to do there).  It was a busy, busy morning. 

PS the Recorder of Deeds office is about a thousand times friendlier than the Arbitration office!!! 

PPS I work for a law firm (if you didn't know)

PPS I went to Primanti Bros for lunch and had a cap(icola)and cheese, pretty much negating any calories I may have burned this morning ;o)

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