Monday, October 18, 2010

Maybe Not As Planned

I am not going to refer to it as an epic fail...  No - it was more as a slight change in plans.  We did not run 11 miles Friday night, but we did run 5 and a half!  Which I must say is awesome.  It was cold and dark and drizzling, but we overcame it enough to do more mileage than we were able to do mere months ago.  Pardon me for sounding like a broken record - but wow! really I am impressed with the fact that I can run that far.  Well run/ walk - but mainly run!!!  We ran 2 miles straight, stopping after 2 for a brief walk break and so I could shed my coat.  We finished up 3 miles, I had some yummy gummy Stingers (so much better than GU) for energy, Alyssa shed her coat, all the while walking a little ways.  After 4 miles, Alyssa had some Bloks while we walked, after 5 miles we just walked - Alyssa may have had some gummy Stingers (?), and after 5.5 we were done.  So, all in all, of the 5.5 miles done we ran 5 miles and only walked a 1/2 mile - tops.

Saturday although I had to work I still got a little more than 3 miles in that morning.  I ran from work to the Heinz Field parking lot where the tents were set up for the Making Strides For Breast Cancer 5K which was taking place that morning.  I stopped by, said hi to a few people from work, and jogged back to the office.  Round trip it was 3.11 miles according to Map My Run (an awesome website, which tells you the mileage no matter how convoluted the route).

Yesterday I got maybe a 1/2 mile in tops... I jogged to McDonald's for breakfast, and then strolled home - I figure the jogging there justifies the McGriddle consumed.  AND THEN... my Steelers beat those silly Brownies... YAY!!!!!!!  A good weekend all around.

An Evaluation of Mid-Workout Energy Products

GU is disgusting and I never want to try it again; about the consistency of honey it caused me to gag just trying to finish one.

Honey Stingers
Honey Stingers are awesome, organic, and taste super yummy!  Available in flavors such as orange, cherry and pomegranate, they are my favorite by far.  AND to top it off they hail from Steamboat Springs, CO!

I have personally not tried Bloks yet, after the warning one of the guys at REI gave Alyssa it made me a bit weary (if you don't drink lots of water with your Bloks then they will literally block you up!).  Alyssa has tried them and quite enjoys them - especially the Margarita flavor.

(I buy all my energy products at REI, not just because I'm a member there, but also because they have an awesome selection.  Not that they're paying me to say that, I just like them that much!)

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  1. Yeah, I it was me that deemed it the "Epic Fail" especially now that I'm rockin' the hubby's chestcold. Blech.

    I also enjoyed the reviews of the products! You should be collecting commission for the promos! Haha...