Monday, October 4, 2010

Watch Out For The Peacock!!!

Of that, I wish I had a picture.  Yes, during the race yesterday there was a peacock strolling along the course.  Granted, the course did run through the zoo, so some animal viewing was to be expected - just not close enough to trip over! 

The Timing Chip

So this was our first race with timing chips - not too bad.  It's just a little plastic disc that you attach to your shoe with a zip-tie.  In retrospect, I would've used 2 zip-ties though, since as I ran the disc would flop around a bit on my foot.  Not as bad as Jonnie's issue though - her shoe broke and was clopping for at least the last mile if not more.

This is Jonnie, pointing to her nasty energy bar.

The race had a lot of down sides, let's recap them shall we?
  • It was cold and drizzling
  • It was all uphill - you may think I exaggerate, but I'm pretty sure that there were exponentially more uphills then downhills
  • There were no bibs!  So that meant no race number to put on the side of my fridge with the other ones
  • The course was gravelly and pot-hole ridden in the parts not through the zoo-proper
  • The results were not posted on-line, so luckily we checked the list before leaving
  • There were no goodie bags
  • The T-shirt didn't say the date on it, so it could be used interchangeably between years
On the plus side:
  • Panera was a sponsor so we got yummy bagels
  • We got to see: seals, lions, elephants, painted dogs, and the aforementioned peacock
  • There was a volunteer at the top of the last hill cheering us on, telling us it was the last hill (super nice lady)
  • We weren't last
  • The medals they gave to the fastest people were around the necks of stuffed gorillas (really cute)
  • We went to Starbucks after
Also notable was that it was Jonnie's first race, Alyssa kept cramping up, and I jacked up my leg on the 9 mile run the day before and so was limping about half the race.

All told, I'm glad we did it, but now I never have to do it again.

Alyssa freezing pre-race.

PS... I won the first 3 quarters in the football pool, and now that I am $100 richer, will be able to get new running shoes!


  1. Wow! I don't remember it being THAT dark!!

    Haha, and I am the epitome of sexiness down there in that knit hat! (more like death warmed over but I digress...)


    Yay again to Jonnie for her first race! We don't ever have to do it again and hopefully Costumes for a Cure will be better! :o)

  2. And what will you lovely ladies be wearing for Costumes for a Cure? Because of the race's name, I'm assuming you will be dressed in costume...

  3. Alyssa is planning on being a cat - dressed in black with ears & a tail; and I will be Dorothy complete with ruby red sneakers!