Friday, October 15, 2010

11 Miles (GULP!)

So Alyssa and I are running 11 miles tonight.  This is because she is going to a wedding and will be out of town this weekend and there is (shockingly) nothing going on at the track tonight.

Yes, you guessed right.  We will be running 11 miles on a quarter mile track.  That's 44 laps.  Plus warm-up and cool-down it's actually 46 laps.  We will start running around 7 and most likely be done sometime between 9:30 and 10pm.  This'll stink. 

No, no it won't!!!  I must use the Power of Positive Thinking!!!  (and the Power of Triple Exclamation Points!!!) 

It's been strange not to have races on the weekends. Those two weeks in a row missed with me.  People at work keep asking, "So do you have a race this weekend?"  Nope, my next one is not for two more weeks, but then it's two weekends in a row again (5K on October 31st and a 1/2M on November 6th).  Oh, and we're going to register for World Run Day, which is pretty cool, you pay $17 and then you get a t-shirt, and your name printed on the website saying that you took part in World Run Day, and all you have to do is run that day.  It doesn't need to be a formal event; just run for the act of running.

It's strange - that 1/2 marathon is sneaking up fast!  I still surprise myself daily with the fact that I am physically capable of running that far.  Over 500 people are registered for Stomp the Grapes too, so hopefully I won't be last.  However, this will be one race where my only goal instead of not being last, will be to simply finish, to prove to myself that I am able.  After that the three 1/2 marathons we have planned for next year I can work on my speed. 

Wish me luck tonight!!!

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