Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Amazing Morning

OK, so no running today, BUT I did have an amazing morning! 

First of all the weather is freezing and it's grey and drizzling outside, so that's not fun.  But my furnace now works, which after a weekend of my house being in the 50's is an amazing thing.  That and I felt like such a handy-woman making it work all by myself. 

But now back to my amazing morning news.  Yesterday I noticed that the skirt I was wearing was sitting noticeably lower on my hips (ie almost falling down), this made me think... "Don't I have a couple of skirts that I don't fit?"  Which I totally do - I am one of those people who spontaneously buy clothes without trying them on and when they don't fit hold onto them "just in case."  This morning I put on one of those skirts - a cute olive green pencil skirt which when I bought it back in May I couldn't even zip up - and it zipped right up!!!  It may be just a smidgen snug, but who cares!?!?!  It fit well enough for me to wear it to work, and tomorrow I'll try on another one of those too small skirts and maybe I'll have another amazing morning!

Yay :o)

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