Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quick Recap

Saturday, Day 56, Alyssa and I ran at the Baldwin Whitehall track.  We got there around 7:30 in the morning and there were people setting up for some kinda event.  Hoping to be out of there before it began we took to the track.  We walked a warm-up lap and then began our 30 minutes of running straight.  Also at the track that day were:  an old lady, walking, who left before we were done; a dad and his 2 sons, the youngest walking, the oldest running with him, they also left before we were done, but also ran part of the time the wrong way around the track - annoying; a lady running, at least for a little bit before walking, who did not have an ipod but a cd player instead which she carried in her hand along with several cds (personally this would annoy me immensely) she also left before we were done; a couple of walkers, one of whom was a large man with suspenders on, he made me giggle, but alas they all left before we were done; and finally also at the track that day was a growing conglomeration of middle aged men.  Awkward....  Apparently whatever was going on that day had something to do with coaches and officials, but men only.  And so as we ran a personal record mile we had an audience of a couple dozen men to witness our sweating and panting and overall attractiveness which we exude at the end of a run.  (note the sarcasm...)

A note on our Personal Record (PR): we ran a 13:06 mile, which might have only been a "C" level for the mile run in high school was pretty darn impressive for us.  2 people who would rather just take the "F" and walk the mile, actually ran it in an average time - yay!

Sunday, Day 57, cross training - I did abs - boring, I know.

Monday, Day 58, rest day - yay!

Tuesday, Day 59, today, again Alyssa and I ran at the Baldwin Whitehall track.  This time around we arrived at around 5:10 this morning and the gate was not yet open.  As we were vocally expressing our annoyance the security lady called up from the track saying she was on her way to open the gate.  She said she was not used to people being there that early, but we told her that from now on Tuesdays and Thursdays we would most likely be there right around 5.  Warm up lap and then today was the start of measuring our training in miles, not time.  2 miles - that's not so bad - right?!?  It was hotter and more humid at 5 am this morning than it was Saturday at 8 - yuck.  I also tend to be more phlegm-y in the early mornings and kept needing to spit as I ran (not very ladylike I know).  That said, it was not shaping up to be a very good run.  Our first mile we ran 13:09, pretty darn good, and our second mile was shaping up to be worse though - our laps were on average taking 5 to 10 seconds longer.  Until the last lap.  With about an 1/8 of a mile to go, we decided that we both had enough energy to "kick it out" and so we sprinted to the end.  Crossing the finish line with arms raised in celebration, I pressed the button to stop the timer without even looking at it.  Catching my breath following the sudden exertion, I looked at the time: 26:08.  I did the math in my head, I looked at the time again to make sure I didn't misread it.  We did a 12:59 mile, we broke 13 and set a new PR - YAY!!! 

I then went home and took a nap.

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