Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cake Drama among other things

Tomorrow is my birthday, and last night there was cake drama (nuf said).  With that, running did not happen for me at 5:30 this morning, and with the weather currently in the 90's I do not anticipate running this evening.  Alyssa though is going for a gold star and is planning on running at Bally's tonight.  I should be back on track when we go running tomorrow morning before work. 

Sunday was possibly the most fun I've had doing cross-training.  Alyssa, Bob and I went kayaking in the Allegheny River.  Kayak Pittsburgh rents kayaks from under the Roberto Clemente Bridge for only $15 an hour.  It was a gorgeous day, my only complaint is that since the Pirates were playing there was quite a bit of boat traffic down near the stadium.  First we paddled away from the commotion, past the convention center and towards the Strip.  Then we turned around and paddled up to Heinz Field before having to turn around and head back to return our kayaks. 

A quick shout out for Alyssa here too:  after kayaking we went to Primanti Bros. and Alyssa had her first Primanti Bros. sandwich and finished it!  (minus coleslaw - apparently she has an aversion to cabbage - whatever weirdo)

1 comment:

  1. Minus the coleslaw! Why bother?!
    I tried to get my first one without coleslaw but the waitress pretty much told me no. I'm glad she did, it's way better than regular coleslaw.

    Ah Primanti's, where else would you be abused by the staff and still come back for more?