Friday, August 20, 2010

Exciting things are happening...

First up: Manda had her baby!!!!  YAY!!!!  Little Kaida was born yesterday and weighed 6lbs 2oz :o)  Congrats to the new Mommy and Daddy

Tomorrow Alyssa and I are running 3 miles at 7:30 am... let's hope my ankles hold out!  This is our first official "long run" from here on out when we run on Saturdays we will increase the distance 1 mile each week (with the exception of Sept 4th... but I feel actually running a race counts as a distance run, even if it is 2 miles shy of the actual distance we're supposed to run - maybe we'll run 2 more miles that evening or something...)

Tomorrow night I am (finally) hosting my birthday dinner party, yay!!  For obvious reasons JR and Manda won't be able to make it, and Soccer Mike pretty much has backed out... Jen and Hudson are going to be in Myrtle Beach so they won't be there - but it'll be fun anyways 'cause there'll be 14 or 15 people there anyways :o)  Cool people too.  Ones who actually like to spend time with me.  And like my cooking.  And don't make excuses at the last minute (I'm looking at you, Soccer Mike...)

Sunday is the official start to our Sunday runs... from here on out we run 4 days a week, have 1 day of cross training and 2 days of much needed rest.

I need new sneakers, stat!

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