Thursday, August 5, 2010

Future Plans

Since this morning did not consist of any running what-so-ever (even though I suppose it should have) I have decided to lay out some future plans.

  • Tonight I am going to a Pirate game; not that the Pirate's are all that great, but the evening will undoubtedly involve nachos, racing pierogies, and free seats in a luxury suite, all of which are great things.  I'm going with a group of people from work, someone set up an admin night in the company's suite, so it will only be admin and office support staff there - i.e. no attorneys, paralegals, or secretaries.

The reason I did not run this morning is because last night I had to take Ellie to my mom's house in preparation for this evening.  By her staying with my mom, I do not have to worry about running home and letting her out, only to leave minutes later to get to the game on time.  We left home around 7 and hit horrible traffic on the way up there.  Everyone who has ever been in the car with me will be glad to know that I did actually use my horn when someone cut me off and I had to slam on my brakes - apparently I was invisible last night.  We stopped at a back woods gas station, that seemed to be something out of a horror movie, and finally arrived at Mom's around 8:45.  Following a detour to Wal-Mart (I bought a spool of thread - exciting I know) I pulled into my driveway at around 11:15.  Pretty much threw myself into bed and was asleep around midnight - 2 and a half hours after I try to go to sleep before a run.

  • Since missing the run today, due to a need for sleep (I like sleep if you couldn't tell from previous entries), Alyssa and I will be running tomorrow at 5 am, and Saturday at 7 am.

  • Also Saturday is Manda's baby shower - I can't wait to see her, it's been forever it seems!

  • The plan for Sunday's cross-training is to go kayaking.  Alyssa, Bob and I are going to rent kayaks in the afternoon during the Pirate game.  That should be interesting, being able to listen to the game while on the river.

  • Wednesday I turn 29.  It will be the first of many times I turn 29.

  • May 15, 2011 is the Pittsburgh marathon and half-marathon.  Alyssa and I are registering for the half marathon, because unlike the full one, the half does not take you through Oakland, Shadyside, and Bloomfield.

  • Next September Alyssa and I are going to run in the Air Force half marathon in Dayton Ohio.  Key factors which helped us pick that one for next fall: it's a (relatively) short drive; the finisher's medals are impressive; there are food and hydration stations nearly every mile; the course is advertised as "flat and fast"; and at every hydration station there are porta-potties - which you know is one of my phobias (fear of not having a place to pee mid-race).

  • And the biggest news of all is January 2012 Alyssa and I will be running the BIG M.  Yes, we will be running our first full marathon.  At Disney World.  It will be awesome.  Provided I don't give up running for life before that.

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