Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ankles go ow...

Today we ran 2.5 miles (and by today, I mean 6 am, not really day if you ask me)... it wouldn't be so bad except for after about 1.75 miles my ankles were in horrible pain.  I blame my shoes.  I do believe that since my feet tend to roll outwards as I run/ walk/ do anything at all, it's creating extra stress on the insides of my ankles which in turn hurt.  A lot.  Although some of my former performers may disagree - I am not a podiatrist and cannot diagnose foot problems.  If you have a blister I will give you a band-aid and say "suck it up" but that's about it for my doctoring skills.  Or if you complain about your arches hurting I'll give you a pair of insoles, again - I'm no doctor.  But my ankles hurt, and I've decided the best cure is ice and a new pair of running shoes.  This is fortuitous because I got a gift card for Dick's Sporting Goods for my birthday with which I can purchase new shoes - yay!  Although I will not have time to purchase new shoes before running on Saturday, I'm hoping all the ice and TLC I provide to my poor ankles will be enough to get me through those 3 miles.  One can only hope.

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