Friday, April 8, 2011

A Triple Update

March Madness is now over - I came in 3rd out of 85 brackets in my work pool... woo hoo!  Not too shabby considering I know absolutely nothing about basketball.  However only 1st and 2nd win any money so I guess that means that I'm 1st of the losers?

The Chicken.  Was. AMAZING!!! Once I finally got the neck removed, the rest of the preparation was very simple - just salt and pepper - I used Thomas Keller's recipe, like he had demonstrated on the No Reservations technique show.  Yummmmmmm.... I liked it so much that I ordered another local chicken to try it again - hopefully this time with a lot less squealing - yeah right - removing the neck still freaks me out!

Ellie has been a good little model for my new obsession with Instagram:

My dog is weird - in this photo she has her head on a pillow and what you can't see though is that her butt is under the covers!  Apparently she thinks she's human.

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