Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Learning Experience

I was fortunate enough to get a fresh locally raised, pastured chicken, however it did come with some extra work that I was unsure of how to deal with.  Namely - it still had it's neck attached.  Eeewww....  I suppose that actually is good news, because initially when I surveyed the bird in it's bag I thought that the entire head was still on!  I discovered though, after hacking frantically to get the neck off as quickly as possible that this was not the best plan - I removed the bulk of it, but there was still some left.  After a search on Google and the use of some pliers (which have since been scrubbed clean), it was completely removed and I could proceed as initially planned.  Silly me for thinking that such a local specimen would be all bagged and ready to go like one you'd buy at the large grocery stores! 

In case you're curious, that entire episode took over an hour.  I'm sure people more accustomed to it could probably have the neck removed and be on their way in about 5 minutes.  Oh well, I'm not one of those people.

It is now in the oven roasting... we'll see how it comes out in a bit, ehh?

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