Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things I Learned While Walking Across a Bridge With a Wind Chill of -2 Degrees

  • You should have dried your hair... Even with a hat on, it still turned to icicles.
  • If you're going to cover your entire face, only leaving your eyes exposed, it might be wise to wear your contacts because your glasses will most certainly fog up.
  • Be glad you chose to wear shorts under your skirt, because the wind was a'whippin'!
  • That said, you should have worn pants, because your legs - from the bottom of your shorts to the tops of your kneesocks - were so cold it was painful.  It feels as if someone was jabbing you with pins and needles. This was not the day to brave the weather in a skirt and tights.
  • You really should think about investing in a parking pass, if only for the winter months.

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