Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Revamp... Again

Today I was given the list of how much PTO (paid time off) I have for 2011.  After looking at this I realized "CRAP.  I'm turning THIRTY this year."  And I felt old. 

What would make me not feel so old?  Well travelling doesn't make me feel old, I think I'll travel somewhere.  Who would I go with?  Well Alyssa's turning 30 this year too, I could go somewhere with her.  Where should we go? Well she's never been west of the Mississippi, we should go west.  California!  Brilliant!

And it was this thought process that brought us to the present situation which involves us still running a ton, still going to Disney World next January, but now adds in the additional cost of a 5 day trip to California.  The current plan is to fly to SFO (San Francisco) the evening of August 9th and spending part of the long weekend in Napa.  Sounds nice, doesn't it?  Well now this all depends on whether or not she can get the days off, she won't know until February so all we can do now is hope.

In anticipation for this potential trip, we are revamping our race schedule.  Namely we will not be doing the Roaring Earth Day Dash and instead of running the Flying Pig 1/2 marathon we will instead run the Flying Pig 10K.  Both of these decisions were made purely from a dollar and cents point of view, not as a waning interest in running.

Another thing that's going to get revamped this year is my backyard.  I am going to be trying my hand at vegetable gardening - using seedlings this time instead of seeds.  Hopefully I won't kill everything I plant.  I think I'm going to build 2 or 3 small raised veggie planters on the upper tier of my backyard.  After seeing what the soil in the backyard is like in the spring/ summer I think this is a wise plan (it's exceptionally rocky and just not very good for planting veggies in).

Is anyone else dreaming of the warmer days to come, which currently seem like light years away?

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