Monday, December 13, 2010

Jingle Bell 5K

Ok, so now the Jingle Bell is officially my 2nd favorite race!  (after Costumes for a Cause of course) The mix of athletic levels, the costumes, and the crowds totally made it a very fun run.  That and the fact that the elite runners got confused as to how the race was laid out and a lot of them had to double back - which by the way was hilarious to watch.  If you're an elite runner, I apologize, but for me - an affirmed mid to back of the pack-er - watching them mess up was a complete guilty pleasure.  Alyssa and I had matching times (41:34, with a 13:24 pace) and placed 855th and 856th out of 1159 finishers.  It's not a very fast pace, but after having barely run since the half marathon, it was a comfortable pace.

Also of note - we only walked 2 out of those 41 & 1/2 minutes!  That's 39.5 minutes of running folks - yay!!!

Alyssa and I after the race.

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