Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yoga Gods vs. Traffic Gods

I feel that the yoga gods and the traffic gods must have been plotting against us last night, or waging a battle all their own.  I parked downtown, sure it costs 3 times as much - oh well, since I wanted to get home quickly to spend as much time with Ellie before having to leave for yoga.  This plan did not go as I had hoped.  Due to construction, I could not get onto the Smithfield Street Bridge my usual way and was forced to go towards the Fort Pitt Bridge - now in my mind this was the worst possible thing, so I exited as soon as possible before getting on the bridge.  This was another big mistake, somehow I ended up in Oakland - oops.  I got myself turned around and back into downtown and was able to get onto the Smithfield Street Bridge by coming from the west as opposed to from the east.  A drive that should have taken me 15 minutes tops, ended up being closer to 45!!!  I should have just parked at Station Square and walked across the bridge...  While all this was happening, Alyssa was fighting a battle of her own with the traffic gods - she lost.  She arrived at her house about 15 minutes before she was to pick me up to take me to yoga, and so we scrapped the yoga plan.

Apparently my ying and yang weren't in the right house, my karma was screwy, and my dogma just wanted me to stay home!  We went to Ballys instead.  15 minutes on an exercise bike, until we were bored as could be followed by 15 minutes on an elliptical again - bored as could be.  It's strange, but we've gotten to the point where we'd rather be running!

This morning (Day 40) bright and early at 5:30 am, I picked up Alyssa and we were off to our same old stomping grounds - the Baldwin Whitehall High School track.  However, when we arrived there was another car there!!!  Two other runners had beaten us to the track this morning - unheard of!  It's tough to run at the same time as "serious" runner's - it feels like they're judging you - but luckily the two this morning were just running sprints.  So while we were plodding along at our snail's pace (which it perfectly acceptable by the way!  it's all about endurance baby, we're the tortoise not the hare...) they were sprinting the straightaways and jogging/ walking the bends.  And I think they only did a mile, whereas we did 2! 

Today's Accomplishment:  run 12 minutes, walk 2 minutes, repeat 2 times - which totalled about 1& 3/4 miles, so we walked the last lap averaging 15 minute miles - maybe not the best time, but under the 16 minute/ mile requirement for race day - Yay!!!

It was a good day :o) 


  1. WHY DOES YOUR BLOG HATE ME!!! This is my 4th attempt to post a comment!!!

    The traffic gods better not (expletive) with me tonight!!

    It's my rest day(after a crappy nights sleep) plus Red Lobster and a few cocktails are calling my name loud and clear!!

    YES I know you don't approve of RL but blah, blah, blah...

    If our culinary preferences don't match up, at least our workout preferences do, so there!!

    I will see you early in the morrow for another "sah-side" run and berrying at long last. Too-da-loo!


  2. It doesn't hate you per se... just your work computer!