Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jogging with Jeopardy!

While planning out the schedule for this weeks runs, I was blissfully unaware as to how crowded Ballys gets at 6:30 on a weeknight.  Imagine my surprise when arriving yesterday evening there was only one treadmill open in the whole joint!  After much waffling about who was going to run on said treadmill I made the executive decision that Alyssa would run and I would wait for another available one.  Luckily not 5 minutes later another was free.

It continues to astound me how I can run and run and run.  I was never one to be really in shape and so this is all new territory for me.  That said the plan for last night was: run 10 minutes, walk 1, repeat 3 times - we were both successful in completing this goal :o)

One good thing about running after 7 pm at Ballys is that Jeopardy! is on television, and so last night as I was sweating away while running, I exercised my brain too.  To make it even better, in double Jeopardy there was a whole category dedicated to the circus!!!  Needless to say, I rocked that one - woo hoo!

Tonight is yoga - ugghh...  Hot stinky sweaty bendiness.

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    Ugh. Let's just hurry up and get this yoga crap over with and home so I can eat!