Monday, July 12, 2010

All by myself...

Just picture me alone on a treadmill singing:  "All by myself....." 

This past week it felt like we were never together!  Thursday we ran seperate because I couldn't bare the thought of having to run in humidity, and Saturday we ran seperate because we both had plans.

Saturday (Day 35) run 10 minutes, walk 2 minutes, repeat 2 times

Alyssa ran outside at the track at 11 am (I think she's a little loco!!!)  It was exceptionally hot and she regretted her decision, but still powered through and completed the sets.

I ran at Ballys.  I arrived at approximately 7:35 and they close at 8 - I got in a 1 minute warmup before having to start in on the running if I wanted to get it all in before they closed.  It was strange being there at closing time, because when I first got there 2 other people were on machines (compared to the half dozen+ that are there at more reasonable hours), 2 people were lifting, and 1 person was on the indoor track.  By the time I was finishing my second running set, there was only 1 person on a machine and 1 person lifting.  And when I was done with my walking I was the only one left.  I then high-tailed it out of there and stretched at my car.  But I did it!  It continually amazes me how I am able to run for these lengths of time - remember back a month and a half ago when I could barely run 5 minutes total?!?  Granted my 20 minutes is nothing compared to the 3 hours I'll be running in November, but I'm getting more and more confident that I'll be running more than walking that day and that makes me happy :o)

Sunday (Day 36) we met at Ballys and did a longggggggg cross training day.  30 minutes (give or take) on the elliptical, followed by about an hour of arms and abs.

This week's cross training should be fun - Amazing yoga (stinky, sweaty, nasty, hot yoga) on Wednesday, and a spin class at Ballys on Sunday (thanks to Alyssa - goodness knows I wouldn't have suggested this one myself!)

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