Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time for bed...

After nearly lobbing off my fingers while prepping food for tomorrow, I have decided it's time for bed. I got almost everything ready, including my most important task of driving down to Pittsburgh and back to drop off some forms at the museum. It is official, as of Monday I will be working at 2 of the Carnegie museums: volunteering at the art/ natural history museum, and actually getting paid to work at the science center. It's not the Smithsonian, but it's a start. I guess you can't ask for too much when your degree is in lighting design (not too many transferable skills). Just give me a year or so, and then I'll be blowing the socks off of all those HR people in Washington - unless of course I change my mind about what I want from life in that time, which knowing me is a distinct possibility.

OK, it's off to bed, because my typing skills are severely lacking at this hour.

Photos to come of party prep and more!

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