Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baking Baking Baking

Spent the night baking... a couple dozen cupcakes and an 8" cake that I think I will cut in half and make into a 1/2 of an 8" two layer cake - it'll look more impressive that way.

On the agenda for tomorrow:
  • make chocolate frosting for above mentioned cake
  • go to the grocery store to buy everything else I need for Tuesday
  • make the dressing for the Asian Noodle Salad (God bless Pioneer Woman! My favorite blog for recipes)
  • make the requisite ranch dip
  • cut up veggies for platter and salad
  • go to the liquor store for the wine, and a gas station in Ohio for the beer (so I'm not stuck with a case)
  • go down to Pittsburgh (ok, Oakland technically) to deal with the HR people at the museum*

*this is the most important step, because it will take about 4 hours out of my day, and if I don't do it tomorrow I will have to do it Tuesday before people start coming to my house and I think that might be a bit too stressful


  1. I'm making cupcakes too! I guess we're a couple of crazy baking sisters... too bad we aren't closer we could bake together!

  2. I made the mistake of taking one batch out of the oven too soon, and they deflated! I'll post a pic tomorrow of their sad state