Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Office Birthday

Today was the 23rd birthday of one of the other girls in the office (I feel so old!), and to celebrate I made her a cake.  Her request was strawberry shortcake, and although I wasn't quite sure what kind she liked - was she more of a spongecake type or like my family more of a Bisquick shortcake type of person?  I settled on Biscuit au Beurre (Butter Spongecake) from Mastering the Art of French Cooking (my go-to book whenever I'm not sure what to do - I know for other people it's Joy of Cooking or Betty Crocker - leave it to me for my go-to book to be a complex French cookbook) with a sweetened whipped cream frosting with roughly chopped strawberries mixed into the frosting for the filling.  Yummy!  Or at least I think yummy... Too many people came and we ran out of cake!  Oh well, better for my waistline that I didn't get any I suppose....

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