Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30 Things to Know About My Bestie

30)she is also known as my Running Buddy (RB)
29)she has brown hair and blue eyes (like me!) except she gets blonde highlights and I get red
28)she had 2 brothers, 1 sister, 1 BiL, and 2 nephews
27)she is married to the CH (chubby hubby)
26)her dream car is a new yellow bug
25)she is a cat person, through and through
24)she is obsessed with anything Disney & Hallmark ornaments
23)once upon a time she wanted to be an animator, but she gave that up
22)she wants to be a pastry chef when she grows up (like me she turns 30 this year)
21)she dislikes her job (but really, who doesn't?)
20)we both failed AP chemistry only to transfer to geoscience and wreck the curve
19)classic high school quote: "you guys sisters or something?"
18)she is an avid scrapbooker/ crafter
17)she drinks Miller Lite by choice
16)but she loves Grey Goose dirty martinis
15)and can't handle her tequila, especially when I'm mixing the margaritas
14)she tries to speak/ learn Spanish after she has had a few drinks
13)she is a better artist than me
12)I'm better at math
11)she is a better violinist than me
10)she can be a spaz, but you get used to it
9)she has never been west of the Mississippi
8)she is terrified of flying, yet she says she's ok, even though I think all of her flying stories involve tears
7)she is a francophile like me
6)her idea of travel is the polar opposite of mine
5)she likes to shoot down my plans for grand adventures
4)she came to visit me in NYC and left with a pierced belly button, she got it at the same place I got my tattoo
3)she is still my friend even though I have a tendency to run away for years at a time
2)she has been my friend for the longest time - 19 years
1)she once let me dress her up in a costume from HMS Pinafore (it was a peach dress with matching hat and parasol) and curl her hair in rag rollers (I'd show you the photos but I think she might kill me!)

1 comment:

  1. Awww, thanks Bestie...my very own Blog spotlight!

    I jus' have a few comments...I have been west of the Mississippi if Chicago and Minneapolis count...takes a spaz to know a spaz, m'dear...the violinist comment is debatable...I don't think of it as "shooting down" your grand adventures, i think of it as a "Reality Check" ...and please GOD never let those pictures see the light of day again!!

    Love ya, mmmmmwah!! :oD