Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2 weeks at 30

I have now been 30 for just shy of 2 weeks.  I don't feel 30 though.  I still feel 25.  Where did those years go?!?  Oh yeah that's right, I toured for a while and I've been stuck in a dead end job for the rest.  Sigh... Oh well. 

So remember when I mentioned a project I was working on that was sapping all my time and energy?  Well, it was a baby shower.  The main records guy at work's (did I tell you I'm a records assistant?  Well, if I didn't, I am now!) wife is expecting their first child in just a couple weeks so I threw them a little shower.  That is if your definition of little is 50 people with a food, gift, and decor budget of over $1000.  This thing was taking over my life!

Thankfully it's over now, the party was a success, and people are still talking about it nearly 2 weeks later.  At the end when records guy was thanking everyone for coming, he singled me out as organizing it and everyone applauded.  I turned red.  (I blush easily...)

Since it was a guy's shower I didn't want to go all pastel with frou frou food... Instead I went with bright colors and catering from Moe's Southwest Grill (taco bar!).  From previous experience I know that lawyers like to donate towards things at the last minute, so I had an adorable white piggy bank with green and hot pink polka dots and a big green bow on it's head where all day off donations were put, next to which was a box of chocolate cigars wrapped in hot pink foils.  As people started arriving I was dishing up The Pioneer Woman's Watermelon Granitas - super popular!  Dessert was a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling from a local bakery - it was delicious, but we discovered that a 3/4 sheet cake can barely fit in my truck!  That was a bit of a nerve wracking drive...  Pennant banners, brown paper to doodle on, pinwheel centerpieces, and pinwheel adorned goody bags finished up the look.

(and yes, the baby's initials are OMG)

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