Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bad Blogger!

Yes, it is true... I m a very bad blogger.  I had hoped to blog daily about all the renovations happening at home, but I would get home from work and be so angry about something that they had broken or screwed up that I wouldn't be in the mood at all to blog.  Well that and for about 3 weeks I was without an internet connection at home - not cool.  Luckily though, the internet is back, the renovations are done and those guys never have to come back to my house again.  Thank goodness!!!

This weekend has been exceptionally busy for me... Ellie is home so she's wanted loads of attention - I think she misses having Kori around to interact with.  She also keeps looking at me as if to say "Where's the fire?" (mom and dad have a gas fireplace that mom would turn on for the dogs to lay in front of) and "Where's the tv?"  I won't lie, I dislike tv immensely.  I hate the way it sucks you in and how people can spend hours in front of it and not know where the time went.  The only show I try to watch is New Girl, which is available on Hulu so I can watch it online.  Granted this isn't to say I don't own a television set.  I do, it's just buried in a spare room and I really only ever use it to watch movies. 

Well, I will get off my soapbox now...  Bestie and her CH came over yesterday to help me move some furniture and put up some Christmas decorations, and I'm still working on washing all of the dishes and putting things back where they go and cleaning up plaster dust which has settled on everything...

Check back later tonight for pictures of the finished product!

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