Thursday, March 10, 2011

Epic Fail

Sorry I've been gone so long!  Epic fail on my part I know...  A lot has been going on, although I suppose some people do not see that as an excuse to stop blogging (*cough, *cough, Becky...).

News Flash!!!  I'm going to grad school!  I was officially accepted today.  I figure after getting an exceptionally impractical undergrad degree it's time to get a degree which might actually help me to get a job.  That said, I am going to be in an accelerated MBA (masters of business administration) program, I still haven't decided yet if I will do the electives for the financial option or just stick with the general business option.  None the less in two years I will be even deeper in debt but at least I will hopefully have more potential for job advancement (i.e. a better paying job).

I started taking Arabic too at the local community college, so far I know the alphabet, my numbers, and a few phrases and nouns.  I would like to stick with it though, because there is definitely a job market for people with a knowledge of Arabic.  Even if my ultimate "big girl job" does not require my knowing Arabic, at least I will have a base for when I travel to Morocco - which is totally on my short list of countries I want to travel to.

Let's see... what else...  I'll have to get back to you on that one - at least now I have internet at home and can blog anytime!

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