Friday, September 3, 2010

This morning, Tonight & Tomorrow

Being the lazy bum I usually am, I did not run yesterday.  And so I ran this morning.  Well, ran/ walked.  Hills are hard. :o(  While I was out I passed an old man sitting on his stoop drinking coffee and managed a good morning as I jogged on by.  At the fire station I was forced to pause, because they were backing the fire truck into the station.  Ahh... firemen in the morning, what a lovely sight....  But, I digress.  I turned around at the UniMart and made my way back home, jogging back past the fire station with some of the firemen milling around outside :o)  I passed the old man again, I walked past him since his perch was located on an uphill climb, and he made the comment that I was "much slower on the way back" and laughed, I laughed with him and kept on chugging along.  As I was approaching Rite Aid (while running I might add), another runner was coming towards me, a very fine runner indeed.  Tall-ish, shaved head, in a tight black t-shirt - mmm....  And then he shouted something at me, I'm not sure what though.  The problems with attempting to talk & listen while running are: A) being out of breath sometimes what you say doesn't quite make it out; B) wearing headphones makes it hard to hear what others are saying; C) wearing headphones makes it hard for you to tell how loud you are speaking; D) when you're heading opposite directions it's hard to ask them to repeat themselves, because by the time you realize you have no clue what they said, they're already 5 blocks away!

Tonight the firm is closing early, which means there is a slight chance I might get to go home early.  If that's the case then I promised Ellie I would take her for a walk on the South Side at the bike trail.  Just a short one though, her little legs don't really agree with walking too far, and I don't want to be stuck carrying her back to the car.

Tomorrow I run a race.  YIPEEEE!!!!!!!!

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