Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 days later...

I just realized that it's been 10 days since I've blogged.  Oops!  Let's see going back...

Saturday September 4th we ran our first race, and came in 114 & 115 out of 119 runners.  BUT, I was not last and that's all I wanted from that race :o)

Last Saturday we ran 6 miles.  6!!!!  Since I had to work we ran seperately, Alyssa ran on Brownsville Road in the morning and I ran at the track at night.  It was awesome.  Perhaps for the first time ever I actually felt really good about it the entire time I was running!

Yesterday morning we ran 3 miles before work and will do the same tomorrow, Saturday we'll be running 7 miles on the Arrowhead Trail - should be fine.

Lots of various race news:
  • Neither of us will be doing the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K anymore
  • We have added a race for October 31: Costumes for a Cause 5K, which benefits the American Association for Lost Children (perk: t-shirts and we get to run in costumes - I plan on being Dorothy with ruby red sneakers!)
  • We have added a race for December 11: Pittsburgh Jingle Bell Run 5K, which benefits the Arthritis Foundation (perk: t-shirts and we get to run with jingle bells tied to our shoes, and it ends at McFadden's on the North Shore)
  • We have added 2 races for the weekend following St. Patrick's Day, March 19th & 20th:  Shamrock 8K and 1/2 Marathon (perk: medals, t-shirts, a pin, Yuengling, and Irish Stew X 2!!!)
  • We have added a "ramble" for April 17, 2001: Race, Run, Ride and Ramble on the Cumberland Valley Rail-Trail, which benefits the Cumberland Valley Rail to Trails Council - we will be doing the 15K ramble, since we're not trail runners (perk: t-shirt and I get to wear my hiking shoes)
This is just the start, we're planning out our schedule through January of 2012, and will be trying to get at least 1 race in a month from here on out.

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  1. Haha! Look at that clueless one on the right...


    I just gotta say HOLLA to the race schedule too. It's so exciting!

    Go Team Donut!! :o)