Thursday, September 2, 2010

2 Days

Several exciting things happen in 2 days...  OK only 2 exciting things happen in 2 days... OK 1 exciting thing and 1 thing that has been drawn out for about 2 years happen in 2 days...

First the exciting thing:  I'M GOING TO RUN A RACE!!!!! A REAL LIVE GET NUMBERS AND BE TIMED RACE!!!!!!  It's a 5K, so only 3 miles, but STILL!  I'm excited.

Now the not so exciting, and has been drawn out too long thing:  I'M GOING TO SEE SOCCER MIKE!!!!!  OK, maybe not as worthy of capital letters, but he has been in Pittsburgh now for a couple years and we still haven't met up, and it's now been almost 6 years since I last saw him, so I suppose the time has come. 

Here's a little background about how I know Soccer Mike and why I call him Soccer Mike:

We met working at Club Med back in 2004, we were both on the entertainment team so we worked in the same department, and we both started and finished working there around the same time - I think he may have stayed on longer than I did at the end but whatever.  He "dated" (I use the term loosely) my suite-mate for a while.  He put up with my horrible butchering of country music as I sang along very poorly with the radio while working in my shop, although he was not much better himself if I recall correctly. 
After Club Med we went our separate ways, and about 2 years ago he got back in touch with me since he had just moved to Pittsburgh and wanted to know if I was still in the area.  Unfortunately at that time I was just about to leave for Europe for several months, and since then it's been a lot of excuses (on both ends) for not seeing each other.  So the reason he's called Soccer Mike isn't all that exciting, it's because he's a soccer coach and his name is Mike (told you it wasn't that exciting) - he's the assistant men's coach at one of the universities in Oakland (I'll let you figure out which one).

That said, this Saturday I am going to a soccer game with Jonnie from work.  I will take lots of pictures, both of that and of Alyssa and I before and after the race, and hopefully will get them uploaded so I can put them online.

Alyssa and I are signing up for the Great Race too, which is a 10K on September 26th, so look for a countdown for that in the next day or so. 

Training note:  tired of driving 15 - 25 minutes to the track, I measured distances out from my driveway, a 2.5 mile run takes me to the other UniMart and back.  It's not too bad, the first 1/2 is almost all uphill, with the first 1/4 mile practically vertical, but I get to rest briefly at stop lights and I do have to incorporate some walking in the uphill segments.  And I walk down the torturous hill at the end so that I don't go skidding down it on my face, since that seems like a very painful thing to do.


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