Sunday, October 2, 2011


Well, today has actually been a pretty productive day!  (aside from the fact that I didn't work on my 15 page paper which is due in a week)

What did I do instead?  Let's see...
1) I snuggled with my puppy
2) I worked on my cross stitch which I really want to have done in time for Christmas, since it is Christmas themed
3) I snuggled with my puppy
4) I broke down and turned on my heater even though the furnace guy hasn't been out for its check-up yet - but when your house is 52 degrees inside it's time for desperate measures
5) I got out my puppy's sweater so she'd be nice and toasty
6) I caught up on the tv shows I've been wanting to see - New Girl (pilot episode, the 2nd one won't be on Hulu until Wednesday), How I Met Your Mother (the first 3 episodes), and last night's Saturday Night Live
7) I took pictures of my puppy in her sweater
8) I made chocolate chip cookies

Pretty much the day involved me and Ellie just hanging out... since it was cold and rainy outside it was nice to spend time with my puppy...

Perhaps I'll work on that paper now....

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