Thursday, January 7, 2010

Last Night...

Last night I made the unfortunate decision to venture out into the cold, icy wasteland outside my door. OK, so technically it's not a wasteland - but it was cold and icy! Adding to my bad judgement, I decided to corral Sancho into the car and take him with me.

Taking Sancho anywhere is an adventure in and of itself. First there is the getting him to sit still long enough to attach his harness and leash, then there is the inevitable occurrence of his running out of the house as I'm trying to make sure I have my keys, cell phone, id, etc... (I can't stand carrying a purse if I don't have to, that's what pockets are for!) While I'm fumbling with the lock, he's racing about the (tiny) front yard and driveway, all the while I'm yelling at him to go to the car. Finally we get to the car, he jumps into the front seat, realizes he's not Kori size and can't jump to the back seat, can't turn around, and is basically stuck. After a few minutes of finagling with the front seat (moving it back, folding the seat back, pushing him over the seat...) we get situated and off we go!
Then there is the issue of heat, we like the car warm, but he is constantly fogging up the windows so it has to be slightly cool to defog them.

OK, so back to yesterday...

We're in the car, we get up my street, turn onto the next one and have to gun it to get to the top of the hill. Since it's icy we slide a little bit, I have a few minor heart attacks, but we safely make it to Brownsville Road. The average speed on Brownsville on a good day is 30 to 35 mph, last night it was 5. Sitting at the traffic lights I was enthralled the scene. Cars lines up, waiting for green, their exhaust billowing behind them in a dense fog, softly diffusing the headlights of the car to their rear. All the soft yellows, ambers and reds being further softened by the light haze of freezing drizzle falling from the sky.

The road were covered in slush and I had hoped that getting to 51 would improve road conditions, being that it is a slightly bigger road. No such luck. In the 40 mph zone the average speed was between 20 and 25.

Arriving at our destination, Best Buy, in about triple the time that it would have taken us on a clear day, I made fast work of my time inside and hurried to return home (well hurried as much as possible in such horrible conditions). Once home, Sancho ran for the front door and waiting patiently as I unlocked it, he ran inside and both of us jumped on the couch and hunkered down under some blankets, thankful to be home in the warm, and out of the slushy, icy, nastiness.

"Mama, please don't drive me around in the slush again!"

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