Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good Morning 2012

Did you have a nice New Year's Eve?  I hope so.  Mine was spent rereading books about running and snuggling with my puppy, and when midnight came I was already fast asleep.  Oh yeah, and dinner consisted of Hostess Orange Cupcakes and a Diet Coke (you'll see why later).

Are you a drunken resolution maker?  Or a hungover resolution maker?  Or, like me, a carefully thought out for weeks prior to New Years resolution maker?  No matter which type you are, there is no denying that almost everyone makes some form of resolutions for the new year.  If you don't, great! You're the 1 percent.  Personally, I am more like Occupy Wall Street, I am the 99 percent.

Here are my resolutions for 2012, please feel free to judge me openly when I break one within the first week of the new year:

2012 Resolutions
  1. Eat breakfast.  (1 day down, only 365 to go!)
  2. Give up Diet Coke while training. (which means there will be 3 weeks in May and most of September when I can drink it)
  3. Stick to my training schedule. (unless ill or injured, or if the conditions outside are that of a hurricane, tornado or blizzard)
  4. Blog more. (11 entries in 4 months is highly unacceptable)
  5. Give up Hostess Orange Cupcakes while training. (same conditions apply as with the Diet Coke clause)
  6. Eat less processed foods. (obviously)
  7. Do my homework before the day of class. (I'm only taking one class at a time, it shouldn't be as hard as I make it out to be)
  8. Cook at least one meal a week out of my vegan cookbook. (Don't worry, I'm not turning vegan, I love meat too much, but after reviewing the recipes in the book a lot of them look tasty! And economical)
  9. Take my lunch to work at least 4 days a week. (I would have said 5, but come on, let's be realistic here)
  10. Put more money into savings. (and less into things like new clothes and fast food and parking downtown)
  11. Makeover my bedroom. (remove unwanted furniture, acquire furniture I actually like, make it more me)
  12. Be the best person that I can be!!! (kind of an all encompassing cop-out I know)
So there you have it; my 12 resolutions for 2012...  Wish me luck!!!

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