Sunday, June 19, 2011

Andddd.... I'm Back

Let's see, where did we leave off? 

Eh, who cares, let's just go forward.

I only have one more session left in my Organizational Behaviour class - so far I have an A, but that's not including the final I took last week and the presentation I have this week - the combination of which accounts for almost half my grade - so that A I currently have can drop really fast if I screwed up either of the remaining grades.

Alyssa and I have started training again... and we have planned out 12 races between now and March... well that's if we actually get registered for them all :o)

Let's see: a 4th of July 5K, a evening 5K in Wheeling in August, a local 5K in August, a Steelers 5K over Labor Day, the Great Race 10K, the Hershey 1/2 marathon, a Halloween 5K, a turkey trot 5K, a jingle bell 5K, the Charleston 1/2 marathon, the Shamrock 8K, and the Shamrock 1/2 marathon.

Oh, yeah, we were going to do the Disney marathon, but after looking closer at finances it was decided that Charleston was the more economical option.  Alyssa is going to run the full marathon, I however have decided that I want to do a strong 1/2 and in addition to that I'm going to do the 30 mile bike ride the following day too.  We'll see how that goes...  Oh yeah and Bob wants to run too, which I'll believe when I see it.

I start accounting in a week for tomorrow.  I have a headache forming already.

The garden is planted, and growing quite nicely.  And by quite nicely I mean taking up so much more space than I ever thought possible.  3 cucumber plants, 3 tomato plants, a row of green beans, a few radishes, a few beets, a few carrots, a zucchini plant, and 2 watermelon plants.  That's a lot.

Today I'm going to be making 2 batches of chocolate peanut butter pretzel brownies for a bake sale at work. 

That's about all I've got right now... I promise this time to be back shortly.

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